The Friendship Club is open to everyone over the age of 55 years. It meets every two weeks on a Thursday at 11am at the Cricketers in Spring Lane. Come and join in the fun with quizzes, video shows, horse racing. Hoy (bingo with playing cards) and a hot meal with as much tea and coffee as you want. If you are lonely and on your own, this is the ideal place to be. Come along for a natter and benefit in the free events that we have from time to time. There”s an offshoot Coffee Morning club that meets once a fortnight on a Tuesday also at the Cricketers at 11am. The Thursday meetings cost £7 including coffee and lunch and the Tuesday meetings £3 including coffee and cakes.

Transport can be arranged for those less able to travel on their own.

Contact Tony Ash for more information on 01206 549587