Fordham Heath and the surrounding Greens are a wonderful asset to the residents and visitors of Eight Ash Green.

Many people use the open areas and woodlands to walk their dogs, play ball games or to simply enjoy the glorious outdoors!

Lowland heathland is a priority for nature conservation because it is a rare and threatened habitat.  Fordham Heath and Seven Star Green are both identified as important conservation areas.  With this in mind, the Parish Council recently enlisted the help and support of the Essex Wildlife Sites Project to write a Management Guidance Statement to ensure we act in the very best interests of this natural resource.  The plans make interesting reading and are available to view by searching the local wildlife sites finder

It is reassuring to know that, in the main, the Parish Council have been maintaining the Heaths in the correct way. They will be taking note of the cutting regime for 2011 and discussing the very best way to implement the suggested actions, for example to protect the Heather, located on the East side of the heath, close to Spring Lane.

Further guidance is being sought to specifically look at the North Heath, being the wooded area across Heath Road.  The Parish Council are in the process of seeking funding to employ a specialist to write a detailed Management Plan.  This beautiful and old woodland are home to many species of birds, including the wonderful Nightingale.  Some thinning and removal of scrub will be inevitable, but it will be undertaken with the guidance of the Management Plan to ensure that areas of dense thicket are maintained for Nightingale and other breeding birds.

Download the Fordham Heath Management Statement
Download the Seven Star Green Management Statement
The Church Wood next to Jubilee Meadow/Blind Lane is now managed by Bill Roberts.