The Parish Council is the voice of the village and as such are consulted on many issues within the village, such as planning, new major developments, road signing etc.  We are also consulted on issues outside the village that can affect the village.

We are also responsible for chasing up both Borough and County Council departments on areas for which they are responsible, such as street lights and road repairs.

The Parish Council is responsible for maintenance and repair of local facilities. These include the heath and ponds, bus shelters and other council-owned areas in the village.

The Council has also taken on the task of acting as a fund raiser to work with organisations such as the East Essex Forum, the Clerks Forum, the County and Borough Councils, the Lottery Fund and many others to obtain grants to provide facilities within the village at no cost to the rate payers.

To summarise the advantages of having a locally elected body of local residents working purely for the interests of Eight Ash Green are manifold. Central Government are beginning to realise the advantages of devolving power down to local level and are actively encouraging the creation of parish and ward councils in areas without them.

However none of this works without feedback and if you have any complaints or suggestions please contact one of your Councillors or our Clerk. Even better why not attend one of our Parish Council meetings held every second Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall where you will have your chance to have your say.

Our Parish Council is also abiding by the Localism Act that came into affect on 1st July 2012 and as such any Councillors’ Register of Interests is published here.

Below is a small statement and contact details for members of our Parish Council.

Parish Clerk
Our Parish Clerk is Katherine Kane,

Cllr Andrew Cook – Vice Chairman
07584 218 280,
Having been associated with the Parish Council and the good work that it does for a number of years I was a strong advocate of the new village play area and was strongly focused in assisting with the villages plans for the play area that was finally opened in May 2016. I also advise where required on planning issues that effect the village.

Cllr Christine Willetts
01206 240 314,
I moved to the village 13 years ago and joined the Parish Council a short time later. I am a member of the sub-committee that examines all planning applications for the village, from small extensions to large developments. My greatest interest however, is local public transport. I represent the village at the Parish Transport Coordination meetings at County Hall, where we are battling to get decent bus services for the villages on the outskirts of Colchester.

Cllr Alistair McGarry

Cllr Tina Morgan

Cllr Dean Nokes

Cllr Alan Tolfrey

The Council is supported by a number of volunteers. Here are some of the many volunteers that offer their time to make our Parish a better place:

Keith Winterbourne
01206 240 497