NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next Meeting of Eight Ash Green Parish Council will be held online on Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 7.30pm. You are hereby summoned to attend and transact the business specified on the agenda set out below. The public and press are welcome to attend.

Katherine Kane

Katherine Kane,
Parish Clerk
9th April 2021

Members of the public can access the meeting by using the following link:

Meeting ID: 915 0079 2094
Passcode: 008416


117-20/21 Welcome and Apologies for Absence – All apologies should be sent through the Clerk

118-20/21 Declaration of Interests: Councillors will declare any pecuniary interests relating to this agenda. Members are reminded that if they have a disclosable pecuniary interest they must leave the room and not participate in any discussion relating to the relevant agenda item.

119-20/21 Public Participation: This section of the agenda allows members of the public to speak for a maximum of three minutes with a total of fifteen minutes being allocated in total.

120-20/21 To agree as a true record the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th April 2021

121-20/21 Report from the County and Borough Councillors: Report from County Councillor and Ward Councillors, if present.

122-20/21 To receive reports on the following:
a) Heaths and Greens
b) Allotments

123-20/21 To receive a report from the Village Hall Committee

124-20/21 To agree the Parish Council response to planning applications received from Colchester Borough Council and to note decisions made on previous applications

210856 - Mayfield, Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green Colchester  CO6 3QJ - Single storey front and rear extension

210691 - Hunters Lodge, Blind Lane, Eight Ash Green Colchester  CO6 3QD - Proposed demolition of existing double garage. Proposed new two   storey extension at existing garage footprint with a new two storey link to the existing dwelling. Proposed double garage and storage areaon ground floor; gym and shower room on the first floor


210148 - 77 Fiddlers Folly, Fordham Heath Colchester  CO3 9UF -     Single storey rear extension between neighbouring property and existing kitchen. – 

210396 - Oakdene House, Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green Colchester  CO6 3PX - Demolition of existing rear conservatory, replaced by proposed two  storey rear extension. First floor side extension and replacement  porch. Resubmission of 201489 – Permission granted, 3 conditions, 29th March 2021

210308 - Eight Ash Green Dental Surgery, Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green Colchester  CO6 3QA - Single storey rear extension to dental practice premises. Extension to car park. – Permission granted, 6 conditions, 26th March 2021

202881 - Gate House, Heath Road, Fordham Heath Colchester  CO3 9TN - Minor alterations to approval 192865 – Permission granted, 5 conditions, 25th March 2021

201970 - Orchard Cottage, Seven Star Green, Eight Ash Green Colchester  CO6 3QB - Replacement dwelling - Withdrawn

125-20/21 To review the Council’s Action Tracker

126-20/21 To discuss the issue of parking on the Huxtables Lane bridleway and agree any action necessary.

127-20/21 To consider and possibly agree to accept the quotation of £60 from the Council’s contractor to replace the gate post and rehang the gate in the large Parish Field.

128-20/21 To discuss the road junctions proposed for the Bellway development in the parish and agree any action necessary.

129-20/21 Accounts & Payments:
a) Statement of Accounts to be circulated prior to the meeting
b) Approve cheques for signature in accordance with 2020/21 Budget (Invoices Sheet) – to be circulated at the meeting.
c) To receive the December bank reconciliation and budget figures to date for 2020/21

130-20/21 Reports from Councillors

131-20/21 Date of Next Planned Meeting: To be confirmed