Below you will find a brief description and link to the recent planning applications that the Parish Council have been asked to comment on.

By clicking on the link provided you will be able to see all the relevant documentation relating to that specific application including the Parish Council’s response once it has been received by Colchester Borough Council. These applications can also be viewed on the Colchester Borough Council planning map.

The Parish Council is only able to comment on planning reasons and use the following Material Planning Considerations to guide their comments:

Material Planning Considerations

Members of the public need to be aware that the Parish Council can only comment on plans based on the material planning considerations set by law. These are as follows;

The following are issues which the Planning Committee can take into consideration in reaching a decision:-

  • Planning policy such as local and structure plans, other local planning policies, government guidance, case law, previous decisions of the Council
  • Design, appearance and layout
  • Impact on visual or residential amenity including potential loss of daylight or sunlight or overshadowing, loss of privacy, noise disturbance, smell or nuisance
  • Impact on trees, listed buildings or a conservation area
  • Highway safety and traffic
  • Health and safety
  • Crime and fear of crime
  • Economic impact

The following are NOT relevant planning issues and the Planning Committee cannot take these issues into account in reaching a decision:-

  • Land ownership issues including private property rights, boundary or access disputes, restrictive covenants, rights of way, ancient rights to light
  • Effects on property values
  • Loss of private view
  • Identity of the applicant, their personality, or a developers motives
  • Competition
  • The possibility of a “better” site or “better” use
  • Anything covered by other types of legislation

Planning Applications

View planning applications for Eight Ash Green on Colchester Borough Council’s website.