The Parish Council has been awarded a Living Landscapes Award by Essex Wildlife Trust. This award recognises the work undertaken by volunteers over the past three years to improve the habitat and biodiversity of Fordham Heath.

For two days each winter volunteers have been cutting back the overgrown areas of the Heath which have taken over and prevented the growth of more beneficial species. They have also removed the canopy of trees overhanging the ponds which had cut out the light and caused the water to stagnate.

The award recognises the involvment of villagers in this very necessary work and people from all over the village have donated their time and effort for the community. They have been joined by volunteers outside the village, mainly volunteers from the Universities VTeam.

Once again Eight Ash Green Parish Council has organised two upcoming ‘Day of Action’ event to take place and once again we are hoping for the support of volunteers.

Our first day of action in November is Saturday 17th November meeting at 10.30am at The Cricketers Public House for coffee and a safety briefing.

Our second day of action is Saturday 25th February 2017 meeting at 10.30am at The Cricketers Public House for coffee and a safety briefing.

Please bring gardening gloves, secateurs and wear suitable clothing. 

Any support you can give us will be much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you there on the next Day Of Action! For more information please contact EAG Parish Council or Keith Winterbourne.


Keith Winterbourne


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