During the weekend of the 5th April a team of strong young men assembled to clear the ditch along the Cook’s Mill Lane Hill which seems to have been a great success. A clear water flow path has now been re-established right from the culvert on the Heath at the Spring Lane/ Heath Road junction down to the run-off ditch that crosses the top of the Parish Field from Cook’s Mill Lane. The mystery of why the road kept flooding in recent months has thereby been solved. This is also a practical example of our local Council demonstrating that it is pro-active in its support of the village.

Whilst the team leader and cameraman, Keith was otherwise occupied up to his knees in mud down in the ditches on the end of the clearing rods, we did manage to snap some photos during the project.

We thank the team led by Keith and included Josh, Andrew, David, Christine, Dennis, Leon (with his fabulous dyke tool), Syd and Josh for their riparian effort.

The Mud Warblers
A mouse, yes. Surface water, no!
It was a jungle out there
So much mud in such a small ditch
White is the new black
It was a long ditch
Careful! You’re making the grass muddy with your shoes
A True Team Effort
All clear again


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