Review of Spring 2012/2013
The year started with the resignation of six councillors  this was due to an edict from Central Government in the Localization Bill. That it would now be a criminal offence if councillors did not declare the interest of their partners. This was considered to be an intrusion into the private lives of individuals not connected with the Parish Council and hence resignations. Two Councillors who stood down agreed to continue to assist the Council as advisers On the Broadband and Play area Projects.
Our Clerk Amy is now on Maternity leave (Now in possession a bouncing boy 7 weeks old)
The three remaining Councillors continued, assisted by a local Clerk Helen Cook. Over the following months we have co-opted a further three Councillors but there is still three vacancies to be filled.

The Parish Bench by the Old Brick and Tile
This Bench was first positioned in 1927. Later replaced in 1977 on the occasion of the Queens Silver Jubilee.
Sadly the bench was vandalized beyond repair and the new owners of the premises indicated that they would prefer not to have a new bench situated in this location. A new commemorative bench will be positioned in the village at a location voted on by villagers. Due to the cost removing the old bench, your Parish Council has written to the new owners, gifting them the old bench.

The Council is currently undertaking a safety review of all the trees on parish land to identify any that could cause a hazard, to comply with our insurance commitment. While we await three quotes we have been informed that a split trunk on a mature Willow part of the ring of trees around the cricket pitch,
does require attention. The right spur would have to be removed and the remaining main trunk pollard.

The Councils Thanks to Handyman Geoff Tye who continues to keep our village clean.

Pot holes are a big problem this year, many have been reported to the highways and await repair.
Should you aware of any that appear to be outstanding please report to Highways department direct on of Essex County Council Highways website.

There are still reports of dog fouling on the village footpaths and we ask all dog owners
to pick up. Again this is a small minority of people causing the problem. We have
requested the attendance of the Borough Dog wardens to visit the Parish. Please be aware
that there is a £70 fixed penalty for offenders.

There are concerns regarding daylong inappropriate parking on the Old Halstead Road / Abbotts Lane area which is being addressed by the local residents, Borough Councilors’ and Parish Council.

There are still reports of cars continuing to drive along Blind Lane this is a safety issue. residents affected by this action, should note the registration numbers and report the incident to the Police.

The Parish Council will continue to consult with the Cricket Club, Football Club and Allotment holders regarding the management of Fordham Heath. The Heather has been checked over and de-brambled, we will continue to monitor and will return when the new growth appears to cut back any deadwood.

The Youth Group
The youth group for 10 to 16 year old boys and girls is held in the village hall on Wednesday evenings
and has been running for over three years now..
(Dates and times and activities are updated on our Youth Group page and the village Notice boards)
We do however require assistance if the youth club is to continue running in the long
Term. So we are appealing for any parent or adult interested in youth work, who would
like to help out, (if only for 2 hours a month) please ring 01206 210959.
The club has WII equipment for 4 players, Table Tennis, Pool and other activities including
Essex association of Boy and Girl Club sponsored events which include outdoor activities.

Derek Franklin
Chairman of the Eight Ash Green Parish Council

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