PC Underwood attended the June Parish Council meeting to intoduce himself and to assist with crime reduction within the village. The Essex Police and Crimestoppers websites have been added to the links section of this site. Please do not hesitate to contact PC Underwood or Essex Police to report suspicious or anti social behaviour.

Pc David Underwood (Collar number 71091)

I am your dedicated Neighbourhood Constable for the villages in the north of Colchester. I have twenty five years police service and am familiar with both Town and Country issues. I will be concentrating on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, community engagement and public reassurance. I work closely with the community and partner agencies to resolve important community issues. I am a strong believer in keeping the ‘Queens peace’ and am committed to keeping the villages in the north of Colchester safe and pleasant places to live, visit and work. Please feel free to contact me.

Contact details

  • Mobile: 07966197134
  • Email: david.underwood@essex.pnn.police.uk
  • Telephone: 101 Ext 436123

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