At present 44% of the homes that placed an order have been connected. All capable of receiving up to 32Mbit/s internet access. The orders have now risen by a further 37% since April. The 4th community access point is planned and shortly villagers on the West side will start to receive their service.

On the 11th June, the Eight Ash Green Village Hall on Spring Lane received its WiFi hot spot and any user of the Village Hall can now make free use of this service. Next time you use the Village Hall, feel free go and take your laptop or smart phone and try it out and see what a difference it makes to use high speed internet. Instructions on how to connect have been posted on the notice boards in the Village Hall.

As previously mentioned, all it takes to connect your home or business is a small antenna on the roof of your house pointing at one of the community access points. If you drive around the village, you will see that they are starting to pop up everywhere. If you have any questions about the service or wish to place an order, please call County Broadband on 0845 686 5000 or send an email to

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